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Pasi Schalin

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I'm Pasi Schalin and you probably have seen me on the covers of the major fitness magazines, in TV commercials or during the two-year run of the TV show Roller Jam, where I played one of the featured star skaters ("The Schalin Machine" for California Quakes). Skating comes natural to me because from the age of 18 I made my living playing pro and semi-pro ice hockey in Finland (where I was born), Germany, Canada and the U.S. For many people ice hockey has gotten a bad reputation because it has become rather violent. In my experience, however, being captain of my hockey team for many years taught me a lot--like taking responsibility for one's life and how important it is to be a positive role model for others. The greatest satisfaction in my life is not just getting another TV or modeling job but in being able to help others reach their personal goals.

Web site: www.pasischalin.com

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